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Xpress Smile gel tray has been exclusively designed to pin point ideal placement and maximize the solution with the exact light wattage. The procedure intensifies the release to produce the hydroxyl radicals which activates the treatment.

smile_photo01One of the biggest issues with teeth whitening is the tendency for the teeth to return to their prior state after only a short period of time. To avoid this issue we have combined the absolute best light source with the best known solution to achieve a brilliant white smile. This can be achieved with no irritation, no bleeding, and no burning. Scores of dentists in the USA use our equipment, product and protocol.

Tooth whitening is the number one patient requested cosmetic procedure in dentistry today. Since its introduction, millions of patients have undergone some form of teeth bleaching.

There have been numerous studies over the years showing that hydrogen and carbamide peroxide based tooth whitening systems are safe and effective.